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by frank / Nov 24 2014

We just finished a thorough examination of the Cyclist’s marquee accoutrement, the Cycling Cap. Today’s lesson is about the Cycling Cap’s red-headed step brother, the Winter Cycling Cap.

This is a toque born of necessity; the thin cotton cap is nowhere near warm enough for the demands of the Flemish winter training season. Form should follow function, but when form is ignored altogether, we wind up with these sorts of creations, which is why I like to make sure form always gets a seat at the table during the design process. The cap’s main body is generally constructed of 6 or 8 wooly panels, the front section of which is often covered in a slightly windproof material. Added to this is the typical stubby visor found on a traditional Cycling Cap. Also covered in wool. Finally – and this is the real clincher, a third flap is added to the cap, which is intended to cover the ears but can also be flipped up if conditions do not warrant ear covering.

The Winter Cycling Cap is the most difficult article of cold-weather gear to pull off. The construction of the main cap presents the first challenge as the wool panels lack the finesse of its cotton sibling and tends to collect in a peak that resembles a reservoir tip. Which is very bad. The ear flaps present the second challenge in that their deployment is an automatic violation of the Three-Point System. Flipped up and stowed away for takeoff and landing, it is possible to adhere to the 3PS, but in that case the cap generally takes on the appearance of a derby crossed with a condom. I don’t have to tell you that’s also bad. The cap flies under the radar when worn under a helmet, although you’ll be thankful for a helmet locking system that makes it easy to adjust for a cap that adds two centimeters to your skull’s girth.

I found an orange one of these little monsters and it is a very welcome addition to my winter wardrobe, keeping all the heat that escapes out of my big brain from leaving the body. But it is far and away the most challenging bit of kit to pull off. You will have to spend some quality time in front of the mirror experimenting with what works for your goofy head if you want to have any chance of wearing it with dignity sans helmet. Skinny-faced people will have a better time of it than grapefruit-shaped head people like me. Popping your shades over the top helps to give it some shape, but be prepared to throw all the cap-wearing principles out the window in pursuit of finding a way to Look Fantastic wearing it.

I recommend you buy one and put it in your jersey pocket. Wear your cotton cap until the very last moment prior to hitting the road and only at that point deploy the little monster. If convenient, put it on in the dark where no one can see you. Under no circumstances attempt what Raul is managing here with expert help from Shelley Verses, unless you also have a Shelley Verses handy.

Winter Cycling Caps on

Ashley - LongsCycle Repost - 12/1/14

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 has launched and after a couple days of test orders we are ready to introduce ourselves to the World! Come on in, take a look around, familiarize yourself with the new layout. We have made several improvements including the ability to narrow your search by size, in true LongsCycle simplistic fashion of course.

Are you familiar with a certain cycling product on the site? Please feel free to leave a review for other customers. Maybe you know a certain jersey runs small or a bib that works well for taller cyclists, please share your insights with your LongsCycle Family.

Product pages are interactive, showing you related products, suggesting products that you might be interested in purchasing. New image views allow you to zoom in to a product image, giving you a closeup view of the product. Social Media tabs now allow you to share a product with your Friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Email without leaving the product page.

Cart and Checkout Page have been modernized. You'll notice the Tip Jar in the upper right corner of your Cart page, a LongsCycle Original, we could not go to a new home without keeping the tradition going - to date LongsCycle Customers have donated hundreds of dollar bills to our hard working employees, not to cover wages but to say thank you for taking the time and extra effort in packaging my order. Our working Mom's work hard and they appreciate every dollar.

Friday, October 31, 2014

New and Improved Launches Today!

After months of hard work we are within hours of launching the New and Improved LongsCycle website! Improved navigation, mobile friendly, search by size, vivid graphics, more product detail, easily navigate to associated products, improved user account functions, easily track your order, and much more.

Please don't hesitate to email or call (800) 737-6129 if you notice anything we overlooked or need to change on the site, such as spelling or missing sizing charts.

Look forward to hearing what Customers think of the new site. Our goal is to make the Customer experience simple, enjoyable and stress free when placing an order with LongsCycle. Anything we can do to make your experience with our company easier please let us know.

Existing Customers will receive an email to update their Account Password. You'll still have the ability to make a purchase without creating a User Account of course.

Ohh...Happy Halloween!

Thank you for being part of the LongsCycle Family of Customers!

Mark K - 10.31.14

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Website coming November 1st Weekend

New Site Rolling Out November 1st Weekend will be up and running and we'll give you notice before we make the final switch. Current website is still up and running so if you need something we are more than happy to get your order fulfilled, we always appreciate the business. Business as usual while we make the transition.

Thank you for your patience and support while we built the new site. Most of our time for new product and content has gone into the new site over the past months, we appreciate your patience. We hope the new products and site content will measure up to your high standards!

Couple of the New Website Upgrades:
  • Search by Size
  • Leave feedback on specific items
  • Simple navigation
  • Read and contribute to the LongsCycle Blog
  • Related item suggestions - matching jersey or shorts for example
  • Add Free accessories to orders automatically
  • Helmets from Bern now available
  • NCAA cycling jerseys and shorts now available

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Squadra Molteni
Vintage Cycling Team

Squadra Molteni is a cycling team and a community of 9-10 retro riders. Squadra Molteni has a passion for vintage biking and the cycling history. We love the joy of cycling and the simplicity of vintage cycling. We like to build and maintain vintage bicycles - and we believe that it is important to both trained and participate in bicycle races on vintage bikes.
We participate in both ordinary amateur bicycle racing and vintage bike race - both in Denmark and Europe.

In 2014 we have been participating in great classic cycling race in Denmark - including the world's oldest bicycle race "Funen Around" (180 km). We race against riders of modern carbon bikes - and we had even received top placements and awards . We also race the classic French amateur racing "La Marmotte" , over 4 mountains (Col de Glandon, Col de Telegraph, Col de Galibier and Alpe d' Heuz ) on steel bikes and merino wool clothes (Molteni Arcore).

In spring 2015 , we are up for the amateur race Paris-Roubaix. 170 km of which 55 km are on the cobblestones.

Thank you for sharing your story Niels. We look forward to hearing about the ametuer Paris-Roubaix. Good luck and stay vertical. Keep Riding!

-LongsCycle Blog

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy Customer back on the Mountain Bike

Hi there awesome Longs Cycle folks,

Just got back from my first mountain bike outing in almost ten years, and was sporting some awesome news shorts and jersey.  The single track was fast and rooty, but I had a great ride on the Thompson Loop at Tsali.  Great views, and found an awesome bike shop in town, TSali Bikes.  You can have a pint while having repair work done.

Thank you again for the high quality reasonably priced gear, and for the special addition of the Aggie Bonfire Jersey.  You've got a customer for life.

With high regard,

(could be the coolest kegerator we've seen)

Thank you for the email Anna! Keep Riding
- LongsCycle Staff

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gnomies Socks - San Francisco Bay
South Beach YC Catalina 34 Regatta

Thank you Ray Irvine and Crew for sporting
your Gnomies Socks from LongsCycle during the Regatta!
(Sail number 1383)

Photos Courtesy of South Beach YC

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The TD Bank Mayor’s Cup Criterium
Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA on September 20, 2014

Now in it's sixth year, the 2014 TD Bank Mayor’s Cup Criterium will feature nearly 200 top professional racers, including Olympians and National Champions, who will compete for $30,000 in prize money.  The Men's and Women's Professional Criteriums are the season's final race of the USA Cycling National Criterium Calendar. 

More information:

TD Bank Mayor's Cup Schedule of Events:

Boston Hub on Wheels
City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA on September 21, 2014

A Beautiful ride along a closed Storrow Drive and along the Boston Harbor waterfront. The ride starts and finishes on City Hall Plaza in Downtown Boston, with three different route options: 10, 30 and 50 mile loops. You still have time to sign up for the best ride of the year. 

Click here for more information:

Boston Hub on Wheels event schedule:

Hope to see you at the events! LongsCycle will be set up in the expo along Congress Street. We'll do everything we can to have the craziest booth on the strip.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photos by Bob S.
A Ride through true 'Old Florida' & Bonita Beach up to Lovers Key.

Bonita Springs, FL 

The reason why Bonita Springs is my favorite place to ride is because it is a charming Florida town, very much true to its character in Old Florida. I get to see many other locals on their bikes commuting to work, into their favorite taco places, and to English classes at the Bonita Springs Literacy Center, mostly newly arrived families from Latin America. 

By starting at Town Hall and the artists cottages you crossover a small river and make your way down Pennsylvania Avenue to connect with Bonita Beach Road. From there hang a right towards the beach and this will take you all the way to Lovers Key. Along the way you will pass by some of the most beautiful beaches in America, and crossover great rivers and inlets from the Gulf. You'll continue on a two lane road with a respectful bike culture, and many bike lanes along the way to Ft Myers beach...It is a total of a 17 mile ride there, 34 round trip!

Story contributed by:
Bob S.
Bonita Springs, FL

Thank you for sharing your story Bob!
LongsCycle - August 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Photo by Mark H.

My favorite ride in Winter Park, FL
Cady Way to Lake Baldwin:

I met my best biking friend here just a few weeks back upon arriving in Winter Park (my new home in Central FL just outside of Orlando, where I am a teacher)... Seeing his bike workshop garage from my thoroughfare on way to the Y, I stopped and struck up what would be a long conversation about working on bikes and fun rides to get started on in my new home...
I was quickly invited to take part in his Saturday morning ride with the entire family!  What a warm and nice bunch of welcoming bikers, including his middle school daughter, wife and Columbian parents.  I quickly learned that the Cady Way (Cady Way Infowas a great way to see  the city and traverse it with no traffic, as it is a former rail trail in great condition.

This particular route is only 8 miles to the lake, around and back, if one takes off from FL Hospital center on Lakemont ave, but can be extended to a 32 mile ride if one takes Cady way the entire journey.  (Link Provided here from Map my Ride, if you are ever in the area :
Also, not to be missed, you can do part of this route with Winter Park Cycles (Winter Park Cyclesand they travel at a good clip every Tues/Thurs and Saturday!

Hope everyone has an awesome Fall riding season. Hope to see you on Cady Way!

Story contributed by:
Mark H.
Orlando, FL

Thank you for sharing your story Mark!
LongsCycle - August 2014

By: Jennifer Olszowy 

I had no time to waste. I got my shirt on, socks and shoes. I ate a quick bite of food, before I put on my gloves and helmet. I then asked about sunscreen and after I was slather up I ran towards my bike. The volunteer had a bit of trouble handing my bike off to me but I took it in stride and was excited to find the mount line. My first leg complete and my transition went fast 8 minutes and about 37 seconds. I quickly got on my bike to start the next leg of my day. I really enjoy the first half of this course because I spent so much time riding it to prepare for this race. I was going to own this part because I knew the second half was more challenging and an unknown quantity. I was excited for the challenge. My longest ride for training I had cut short because I had run out of water instead of the anticipated 92 miles I rode 87-88 miles. So I knew I had a few challenges ahead. I was quite excited early on because I was able to see my family. Mark and Mackenzie decided to holler at me early on because this was part of the course they saw when I competed the 70.3 in preparation for the Ironman. This was my first triathlon season since 2010, when Mackenzie was around 9 ½ months old. I had decided on signing up for the race series to get me reacquainted with triathloning. I took the 70.3 as a total workout experience, I didn’t even wear a watch, and pushed hard when I raced the Olympic race to be more ready for pain, since it was closer to the Ironman day.

I stayed quite focused on keeping a solid performance and speed on the part of the course I knew best. I decided once I got to the unknown part I would have to vary my riding tendencies a bit. I have always been a masher and knew I would have to switch up to spinning some so I wouldn’t wear out my legs. Overall I was happy because I felt great, was in good spirits, and my nutrition plan was working. I couldn’t be more stoked. It was hard at times to watch people I played leapfrog with be tended to by medics and eventually driven away from the course. It was a very hot, sunny, cloudless day. We had higher humidity then we normally do, as well. I tried to keep eating some nutrition every hour, even when I didn’t want it. I was not as faithful about my salt capsules on the ride but made sure to eat salty things on the course. My first bottle pick up I was a bit wobbly, but I recovered from that experience and had no trouble after that. I just didn’t connect well with the person handing the water off. As time went on, I transitioned over to using their sweet Power Bar drink so I didn’t need to dig my Nuun tablets out. As our ride continued, I was a bit nervous I wasn’t hydrated enough because I never peed on the course. I did stop and step off my bike to eat from my special needs bag. Those were the best tasting Pringles potato chips I can ever remember eating. I had to stop and savor them. Once the chips were gone it was time to start the unknown. Overall, I was happy with my bike performance. The unknown was a bit challenging at times, but I just kept my eye on the prize. About mile 80 I started playing leapfrog with a gentleman from the Chicago area. It was nice because he was very encouraging. We never violated the biking rules but we would get to talk for brief moments, as we would pass each other back and forth. I had disclosed to him at one point I had finally ridden the longest I had even been on my bike. Once we hit the 100 mile mark, he welcomed me to the century club. He then asked me a bit about the Three Sisters, the worse hills on the course. I let him know I had only done them once on relatively fresh legs. They seemed worse when you have ridden your longest ride but I need to conquer them. I am happy to report I was able to drop down and spin right up!! The last 12 miles seemed pretty long but I did finally get back into the groove and push a bit faster. I must say I was very happy to finally round the corner and see Boulder High School and the bike finisher’s chute. Boy, did it feel awkward to stop my bike at the dismount line. It took a second to feel comfortable to stand. We were encouraged to walk through the chute. I completed the bike in 7 hours, 27 minutes 32 seconds, which was a 15 mph average, 1989 out of 2814 people, and I was happy for that!

Once I handed off my bike and picked up my changing bag I struggled to get my helmet off. My hair was stuck in the part were you tighten it. A nice volunteer helped get the hair out of the turn knob and I was into the changing tent.Time for the next leg of my journey. I am happy to report I finished my first Ironman in 16:35:39 and the worst thing that happened were some blisters!

Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer!
LongsCycle - August 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bite into the scenic beauty of Maine during the Community Bicycle Center's AppleCycle orchard hop! Cycle underneath stunning fall foliage while "orchard hopping" to different local apple orchards. Choose from three distance options: 62 miles (metric century), 30 miles, or 17 miles.

During this ride, you’ll bike by some of Maine's most beautiful orchards during prime picking season. Doles Orchard and McDougal Orchards will host plentiful rest stops with apple-inspired snacks, cider, and other healthy treats for the 30 miler and metric century riders. 17 mile riders will enjoy a well-stocked rest stop at the Shaker Woods Reserve. Upon returning to Bunganut Pond, you'll be greeted with wood-fired pizza made onsite with locally sourced ingredients complements of Harvest Moon and their mobile pizza oven. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of Maine’s leaf-peeping season without the glare of car window. FMI about AppleCycle .

100% of the proceeds support the Community Bicycle Center’s FREE youth programs through bike-related experiences including group bike rides, bike repair, welding/fabrication, and civic engagement opportunities. FMI, visit

Monday, July 21, 2014

31st Annual Chris Thater Memorial
LongsCycle will be attending the Chris Thater Memorial again this year! We are excited for the new criterium course located in Downtown Binghamton with Start/Finish at the intersection of Court and State Street. Click here for Course Detail

"Our goal in moving this event downtown," said STOP-DWI Coordinator Chris Marion, "It is to bring that message to the younger audience that make up a majority of the DWI crashes and fatalities."

Another big change for the athletes and the spectators is that most of the races will be held at night.
They're moving to a twilight format which means the main cycling events and the 5k race will start on Saturday, Aug. 23 at 6 pm.
Coordinators are expecting more than 1,200 athletes and up to 5,000 spectators for the races. At the Rec Park location, many of the people in attendance were only the athletes and event participants.
"What we want to do, by bringing this event downtown," Marion said, "Is increase the expose to not only the event but our message. Putting it right in the center of the city people are going to have no choice but to see it."
Christopher Thater was a 23 year-old cyclist who was killed by a drunk driver in 1983.
By Kelly McCarthy, WBNG

Monday, June 23, 2014

This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Competitive Cycling Forever

inCycle video: Inside the sprint finish on stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse

Yelling, pushing and shoving at high speeds in tight spaces. This is certainly an eye-opener. You never realize just how intense and aggressive these cycling sprints can be when you’re watching it shot from a slow moving camera out of a helicopter.


2014 Parx Casino Philly Cycling Classic

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Family Time on the Bike

Allison, John and Jennifer

Thank you for sharing these photographs John, you three look like your having a great time. As always we appreciate the business and look forward to seeing the Family at the next event, maybe in CT.

Side note: John was instrumental in getting the expo truck covered with decals at the Philly Cycling Classic on June 1st - we had no problem getting through the Police barricades the morning of the race. Always fun being an 'official vehicle' for a day, stretched it to two as we did not take off the stickers till we arrived back in Massachusetts early Monday morning.

Jennifer and Allison are sporting the 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

1968 Tour of Somerville - Siegi Kock

Siegi Koch. Winner of the 1968 Tour of Somerville
Brian F. shared this photo of Siegi Koch from 1968 after winning the Tour of Somerville, America's oldest cycling race. Siegi is 78, still rides and lives a few miles up the road from me in Toronto. We have been riding together for 40 odd years. - Brian F.

A Tradition in Bicycle Racing Since 1940!

Congratulations to Adam Alexander for winning the 2014 Men's Tour of Somerville and to Erica Allar for winning the 2014 Women's Open!

LongsCycle has been attending the Tour of Somerville for over 20 years. It's a pleasure to spend Memorial Day in Somerville and speak with friends who have made the Monday Classic a tradition that continues through the generations. The crowd continues to grow too with the bike race the focal point of entertainment for thousands of NJ, NY and PA residents.

The Tour of Somerville Cycling Series is an exciting three-day event of competitive cycling for professionals and amateurs over Memorial Day weekend. The event culminates on Monday with the 50-mile Kugler-Anderson Memorial Tour of Somerville, known as the "Kentucky Derby of Cycling." The Tour is the oldest major bicycle race in the United States and a legend in the lore of bicycle racing. Tour of Somerville

How the Tour Started

When professional bike racer and bike shop owner, Fred Kugler, now universally known as "Pop," decided to promote a bike race in his hometown of Somerville, he encountered one problem. New Jersey state law prohibited racing on highways for prizes, and Somerville's Main Street is State Highway 28. To bypass this legislation, Kugler then decided to name the race a "tour." Hence the classic, 50-mile Tour of Somerville was born in May of 1940.
Kugler's son, Furman, a past junior champion and one of the country's most promising cyclists, won the inaugural Tour of Somerville in 1940 and repeated his victory in 1941. Carl Anderson, a friend of Kugler's won the Tour in 1942. World War II suspended the Tour from 1943-1946, and its Memorial Day date took on a sad irony when Kugler and Anderson were both killed while serving with the Armed Forces overseas. Resumed in 1947, the Senior Men's race of the Tour of Somerville was officially renamed the Kugler-Anderson Memorial, in honor of the two past winners that died for their country.


THE DICK POWER STORY A Dark Day in Sunnyside

A Dark Day in Sunnyside
a bike obsessed life of damage and redemption

Exhibit at the City Reliquary through August

Brooklyn, June 11, 2014:  The fixie riding hipster is just as common today in the urban landscape of New York as an awkwardly helmeted tourist browsing the rows of CitiBikes. But long before every hip Brooklyn neighborhood had at leastone or two bike boutiques, Dick Power was crafting fine artisan bicycle frames in Sunnyside, Queens.  A Dark Day in Sunnyside is the newest exhibit by The City Reliquary Museum, and it examines the life and times of this man, whose obsession with racing bicycles led to consequences inspiring, but also dark.
Unlike the worthy but workmanlike frame building of the 20s, Power used expensive  silver to braze the tubes of the  frames to  lugs,  knowing  that  the  lower  melting  point  of  the  precious metal  would leave the tubing unbowed and the bike straighter. This sort of care became the hallmark of the American frame builder, different from the “good enough” work of old-world craftsmen.
Power was also a  patriot, intent on being an All-American even though he had to navigate a world that ultimately crushed his family and took away a son, leaving him, and ultimately us, only the bicycles that he built as a lasting monument. A DarkDay  in Sunnyside, is a tribute to this pivotal bicycle artisan, and displays many of those bicycles which stand as a monument to Power's life, story, and place in the annals of bicycle history.
Catch a glimpse,reflected in the silver braze, of a most remarkable life. The bikes on display come from the collection of Edward H Albert, a former road racer, avid vintage bicycle collector, and dedicated chronicler of bicycle history. The City Reliquary Museum is thrilled to present  these priceless examples of early American bicycle artistry to the public in this brand new Exhibit.

Located at 370 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

The City Reliquary’s hours are: Thursday through Sunday: 12pm – 6pm.
Admission to the museum is $5-10 suggested donation. For general information, please visit the Museum’s website

The City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Phone: (718)-RU-CIVIC

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ancient Cyclist with Funkier Bibs Test


A few weekends ago I participated in one of those early season, European-style rides on rough/unpaved roads resulting in severe bruising of the "delicate part" preventing me from being able to sit, let alone ride. I mentioned this to Brian of LONGSCYCLE and he suggested that I try a new line of padded shorts. Skeptically, I bought a pair of funkierbib shorts and put them to the test.

To my surprise and relief, they have proven to be fantastic! The roads here in Pennsylvania have suffered badly this past winter and are rough, to say the least. I rode the same pair every day for a week, cleaning nightly and they cushioned the roughness of the roads and never showed any signs of lumping or bunching of the gel padding and are the most comfortable shorts I have ever ridden. In the 7 days, I have had them I missed riding one day and managed 322 miles and they are still as good as new! If you are looking to improve your comfort and performance for the next club ride or century--try a pair of these. 

My only caution is that if you are going to use them daily, do your washing immediately after your ride because the padding is so generous and porous that you will need as much time as possible for them to dry.

John Chaki

Ancient Cyclist

The Air Force Association Cycling Classic 2014

It's that time of year again for the Air Force Cycling Classic in Arlington, Virginia on June 7-8. We're just back from races and events from the last week and we're working on packing up and hitting the road very soon. This is a great event and make sure to stop by if you're able to attend.  The team is packing up some great new gel cycling gloves and new socks we just received this week! Hope to see you out there and check out the video about the event if you're not familiar with it.