Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ancient Cyclist with Funkier Bibs Test


A few weekends ago I participated in one of those early season, European-style rides on rough/unpaved roads resulting in severe bruising of the "delicate part" preventing me from being able to sit, let alone ride. I mentioned this to Brian of LONGSCYCLE and he suggested that I try a new line of padded shorts. Skeptically, I bought a pair of funkierbib shorts and put them to the test.

To my surprise and relief, they have proven to be fantastic! The roads here in Pennsylvania have suffered badly this past winter and are rough, to say the least. I rode the same pair every day for a week, cleaning nightly and they cushioned the roughness of the roads and never showed any signs of lumping or bunching of the gel padding and are the most comfortable shorts I have ever ridden. In the 7 days, I have had them I missed riding one day and managed 322 miles and they are still as good as new! If you are looking to improve your comfort and performance for the next club ride or century--try a pair of these. 

My only caution is that if you are going to use them daily, do your washing immediately after your ride because the padding is so generous and porous that you will need as much time as possible for them to dry.

John Chaki

Ancient Cyclist

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