Thursday, October 16, 2014

Squadra Molteni
Vintage Cycling Team

Squadra Molteni is a cycling team and a community of 9-10 retro riders. Squadra Molteni has a passion for vintage biking and the cycling history. We love the joy of cycling and the simplicity of vintage cycling. We like to build and maintain vintage bicycles - and we believe that it is important to both trained and participate in bicycle races on vintage bikes.
We participate in both ordinary amateur bicycle racing and vintage bike race - both in Denmark and Europe.

In 2014 we have been participating in great classic cycling race in Denmark - including the world's oldest bicycle race "Funen Around" (180 km). We race against riders of modern carbon bikes - and we had even received top placements and awards . We also race the classic French amateur racing "La Marmotte" , over 4 mountains (Col de Glandon, Col de Telegraph, Col de Galibier and Alpe d' Heuz ) on steel bikes and merino wool clothes (Molteni Arcore).

In spring 2015 , we are up for the amateur race Paris-Roubaix. 170 km of which 55 km are on the cobblestones.

Thank you for sharing your story Niels. We look forward to hearing about the ametuer Paris-Roubaix. Good luck and stay vertical. Keep Riding!

-LongsCycle Blog


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